Friday, September 01, 2006

Dramatis personae

Our players:

The titular Laundry Faerie, also occasionally known as The Pirate King, 49 years old. Aspiring author, eldest daughter, feisty wife, full-time auntie, and as of 2011, type 2 diabetic (bleah). Also a DS patient. Known to commit unpremeditated photo essays or entertain whimsical notions without warning. May be bribed, if the price is right or the chocolate is high-quality.

Intrepid husband of Soozcat, 51 years old. Alias often shortened to CM. A balding, boyishly cute computer geek with twinkly blue eyes. ♥ Bold, goofy, romantic, long-suffering, occasionally "stern and strict" according to Miss V. As per his moniker, he is usually undaunted and knows just what to do.

Artistic, stylish, funny, fashion-and-costume-obsessed twenty-two-year-old. Daughter of Soozcat's youngest sister, and thus niece to Soozcat and Captain Midnight. Currently working her way through college. Batman's future spouse.

include Soozcat's five siblings and their families, Captain Midnight's two siblings and their families, CM's parents, Soozcat's mom, and various friends and acquaintances (including but certainly not limited to Carrie, Fen, Gretel and Tara).

And of course, there is Simeon von Pumpernickel.

This page periodically updated (as the whim strikes me).

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