Friday, September 29, 2006

Help me, Scullery Fairies, help me!

My mom reports that when I was a little tot and I was about to be punished, I used to call for my hero: "Help me, Popeye, HELP ME!" Alas, Popeye the Sailor Man would never appear. He did, however, manage to save my bacon a few times by making my mom laugh so hard she forgot to mete out the punishment. (whew)

These days I don't call on Popeye for backup. But, oh, there are times when I wish I could call on somebody to help me with the one household chore I truly dread: the dishes. I don't really mind doing laundry (thus the epithet), making the bed is no big deal, cleaning up around the computer -- um -- doesn't get done often enough, but these things are mere child's play compared to the dread I feel at the thought of doing dishes.

I really shouldn't complain, I know that. At least here I have a dishwasher. In days of yore, when we lived in apartments with tiny galley kitchens, or in WWII-era houses where the architect seemed to have said, "I can't shake the feeling I've forgotten something... oh yeah; well, we could just expand this closet," I was the dishwasher. All I have to do here is load and unload, and load and unload, and load and unload, and load and unload, ad infinitum. And there lies the trouble -- laundry and other chores come and go, but dishes are FOREVER. It's like working on a never-ending assembly line. Get one load finished, and there's another load waiting to be done; get behind on them, even a little bit, and they swallow you alive. HELP ME, SCULLERY FAIRIES!


tlc illustration said...

Let me know if the scullery fairies show up at *your* house. How can you possibly have so many dishes, with just the two of you???

We have 4, two of which are teenagers (bottomless pits) - and our tiny galley kitchen mini-dishwasher is broken, so once again, I have become the dishwasher... I *have* trained the other members of the household to do their own (that helps!!!) - and I've decided that I'd much rather do the dishes than cook... I want the cooking fairies!

Soozcat said...

Trust me, if the Cooking Fairies show up here, I will direct them your way. And then you can have gingerbread pancakes with lemon sauce and garnished with sugared violets, a single perfect mangosteen, and French cocoa for breakfast.