Friday, October 27, 2006

In which Soozcat regresses to childhood

Ah, I feel like a kindergartner again.

These are crayon rubbings of a few of the autumn leaves in our neighborhood. I'm pretty sure they are, clockwise from left to right: ornamental crabapple, maple and ginkgo. And if you're wondering: a) no, I didn't actually do that neat of a job with the rubbing; this image went through some minor cleanup in Paint Shop Pro, and b) although our fall colors are fairly amazing this year, the crabapple leaf is not color-accurate. Heh.

I am a happy -- and probably very easily pleased -- Laundry Fairy right now, because yesterday the mail brought me a huge pillowy bag full of knitting wool in various gorgeous colors. Christmas presents, here we come. (Not that I'm a particularly good knitter/crocheter, mind you, but what I lack in ability I make up for in enthusiasm.)

Have I mentioned that I've gone off the deep end and decided to make as many handmade Christmas presents as possible this year? Yes, well, I do seem to enjoy setting myself up for failure. We'll see how much mad creative output I can gin up in the coming month. Maybe this year, instead of NaNoWriMo, I'll commit to NaChrisPrezMo instead. Then instead of generating an unsellable novel, I'll make unwearable scarves and hats! Huzzah!

(Note to siblings: don't worry, I'm not going to give you anything horrifying.)

In other news, if I get one more unwanted phone call and/or mail circular related to the upcoming election, I am going to load up and head for the nearest clock tower. I've just about had it. For the last week I have had, on average, three calls and four flyers in my mailbox per day, all either urging me "Don't vote for X, he clubs baby seals and worships Cthulhu!" or "Vote for Y, she'll make the water sweeter, the trees grow taller, peace and joyous giggly rapture will rule the land, and your toots will smell of roses and ambergris!" ENOUGH. I am pleased to live in a land where I have the freedom to choose my own representatives in government, but I also believe I live in a land where I should have the freedom not to hear from them every day for the next week and a half. Holy cripes on toast, people!


Anonymous said...

Those leaves are wonderful!

I also make the gifts for Christmas. There's something very special about handmade gifts.

tlawwife said...

I used to be up most of the night on Christmas eve finishing up homemade gifts. I now buy things that aren't things (like magazines etc) and enjoy the holidays. Although usually there is a little something in somebodies just from me.

It is amazing what politicians think will sway the way we vote. I wished they though honesty worked.

tlc illustration said...

I know what you mean about getting the handmade-bug. I'm working so much this year, that I'm afraid I will not have much left over in either time or energy for it this season (in fact I'm stuggling to even come up with an idea for a viable ornament that I have the time/energy to make for the SOSF...)

Do you have any plans to come up this way any time soon? (And to stay for more than a day? Our 15 minute in person visits aren't quite enough.) I understand if your mad rush of homemade artistry forstalls leaving home somewhat. :-), but don't forget us up here...

Lav. said...

your leaves-work is gorgeous! and I love the place where you live, I've been visiting years ago and it's just lovely

I managed a few years ago when I was a schoolgirl to prepare handmade presents for christmas.. so don't hesitate!it's so much fun!

Soozcat said...

sk: glad you like the leaves.

tlawwife: I'll be glad when this election cycle is over. It's becoming increasingly tempting to just hide under the bed until November 8.

tlc: our car is a lemon, and it's starting to die. It can handle trips around town, and has made it as far as Portland Airport without needing to be fed more oil, but I doubt it could make the trip to Washington any more. This makes me very sad, because I want out!

lav.: thanks! It is fun to make gifts right now, although the closer I get to late December, the more I'll be sweating bullets over the whole process. I like your blog and wish I could follow it better, but I don't understand much Italian.

Chesno Slova said...

That definately looks like a red maple (Acer rubrum) leaf. Who knows what variety/hybrid--all that matters is it's beautiful--especially in the fall, but the red stems should give good, interesting, color during winter too.

Soozcat said...

The street is lined with them. The interesting thing is that they don't all go red at once--you can tell which ones are the most exposed/hit by the cold winds at night, because they go scarlet in a flash while the other ones are still trying to decide to let go of the green.