Monday, February 12, 2007


Captain Midnight arrived home from work today, wielding a mysterious Royal Mail package that had come in the post. Hmmmmm....

The mysterious parcelYou can bet it didn't take me too long to rip that thing open. When what to my wondering eyes should appear...

Groovy, eh?...but an extremely groovy-looking package. It was open in a trice, revealing

Aww yeah!GOODIES!!!

Swag galore.Look at all this fabulous swag! I feel a song coming on.

Oh, the SOSF is the bomb!
It has got all of what's goin' on!
Alas, I'm no poet
And now you all know it
But at least now my song is all done!

Li'l Blue and buddyLi'l Blue the Dalahäst says, "Thanks, Joy! Now I finally have a friend my own size!"

Seriously, many many thanks and kisses to the lovely (and talented!) Joy of Jamjar fame. This is a right fantastic haul!


tlc illustration said...

Cool stuff! Lucky fairy-you! (Thanks for blogging it).

Nature Girl said...

Lucky you! Those faeries always send the neatest stuff!

natural attrill said...

What lovely gifts, I really like the box, the stripey colours are great!