Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Presenting Esmeralda, the Emerald Piggie

I should admit from the very outset that I realize I have about as much right to be proud of this piggie as, say, Vincent van Gogh's landlady had any right to be proud of "Starry Night." In no way did I contribute anything artistic to this project; the only thing I provided was a place to keep the pig out of the rain (and occasional mugs of hot chocolate). That was it.

Nevertheless, I am inordinately proud and fond of her.

The concept: re-create the Pike Place Market clock on the back of the piggie, then divide the area around the clock into six sections (like a color wheel), each representing an era at the Pike Place Market. The first section, in red (which can't be seen very well on any of these photos) is of early farmers bringing horse-drawn wagons of produce into the Market.

Proceeding clockwise around the piggie: the era of immigrant flower farmers (in orange), the prewar Market (in yellow), the wartime Market (in green, all the way down the piggie's lower right flank)...

...around the other side, the postwar Market (in blue, complete with one of the Market's many resident ghosts), and finally the Market today, represented by the always-colorful Pike Place Fish (in purple).

When they took her away, they were going to apply a sealant and buff her to a fine shine for final display at the Market. I should really go down to Pike Place (as though I needed prodding to go to the Market) and take pictures of her in situ. She is probably gleaming and proud right now.

Some Pig!


natural attrill said...

Wow, what a pig! fantastic.

tlc illustration said...

Hey - when I finish this current cover, I'll go with ya!

Soozcat said...

Hot cha, it's a date. Just let me know when your calendar's open.

PG said...

Wish I could come! What a splendid pig. :)