Thursday, September 06, 2007

The view from my front window

I snapped this photo a few minutes ago. Captain Midnight decided to walk Miss V to school. It's her third day at her new elementary, and she seems to be adjusting pretty well.

I wish I'd had the presence of mind to take a picture on the first day. It was drizzling rain, and the two of them were walking along arm in arm under CM's huge black umbrella.

I remember what some of the minor trials of grade school were like -- worrying about whether you were wearing the "right" clothes or carrying the "right" lunchbox, having to bolt your food at lunch because they didn't give you enough time to enjoy it, listening to the poisonous catty girls make fun of you, not even being able to go to the bathroom without a hall pass. Yech. Anyone who yearns to return to childhood obviously doesn't remember it that well.

But I'm also glad to remember, through Miss V, some of the happy discoveries of childhood. We just finished reading Howl's Moving Castle together; it's far beyond her reading level right now, but she understands it when it's read to her. The magic of reading is starting to make itself felt in her life. She hugs easily, giggles happily, and says "I can't wait" with great enthusiasm about various things she anticipates. I'm glad her mom let her stay here for the school year.

All right, you folks out there who cannot stand treacly "my-kid" posts can come back now. :)

I have been trying to make a dress. The problem, of course, is that I don't know how to adjust patterns, and this one definitely needs adjusting. The result is (probably) going to be a dress that's too big in the shoulders and too small in the waist. GRAHR! ROWR! *GNASHFOAM* This is why I didn't become a seamstress. Well, that and general lack of talent in the sewing arena. Why do I always believe I can do this???


tlawwife said...

I love the idea of father and daughter walking to school arm in arm under the umbrella. What a great visual.

Good luck with that dress.

Soozcat said...

CM would make a good daddy. All I have to do now is go down to KMart and get us a kid.

Scarehaircare said...

Cute picture and I could visualize the even cuter one you painted.

Tell Miss V good luck in school and plan a visit soon to see us. We are more practiced in Dance Dance Revolution and are waiting for a rematch!

tlc illustration said...

That is darling of the two of them. I hope V is enjoying the whole new-school experience.

Hey - call me. We need to firm up fan-girl plans for tomorrow night! :-)