Tuesday, September 09, 2008


'VE been feeling a little oogy the last few days. Think it's a low-level cold. I've felt healthy for so long now, this feels like a bodily mutiny. (STOP THAT! Are you an immune system or a social club? I want white blood cells ON THE SCENE, MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE! That's better.)

Not too much to tell recently. Miss V and I took a jewelry class together, with the result that she's made gobs and gobs of earrings and is selling them on Etsy, so if you're inclined to purchase pretties made by the finest sixth-grade jeweler in the West, mosey on over to our shop and take a gander. (I'm selling a few bits and bobs too, but nothing outstanding. There shall be time to craft more papery goodness presently. Also thinking about knitting some items of geeky interest, such as Dr. Who scarves, Harry Potter house mufflers, a Jayne Cobb cunning hat, etc., so let me know if any of those sound potentially intriguing.)


natural attrill said...

Competition! hehe!
Just checked out your etsy store, my favs are the blue poodles.

Soozcat said...

Hee! Don't worry, I think you're in no danger of competition from the likes of us. We're just starting out.

V likes the poodles too. She comes up with far more interesting ideas for earrings than I do, truth to tell. I should stick to making cards... though I haven't actually put any up yet.