Thursday, May 07, 2009

Live! (or at least Undead!) from Utah

Has it really been over a month? Yes, yes it has. In that time I have been a complete social reject who has been puttering about on Etsy (and now Bookins), posting hasty scribbles on Twitter, and doing very little else. In fact it apparently takes a trip to another state to get me to write here.

So yes, I am once again in the Land of Dry Heat, although it's supposed to be very pleasant and springlike this weekend. We shall see.

But what are you doing there? I hear you cry. And why did you shutter your Etsy store? That is no fun at all! Well, true, but I can't very well sell my wares from three states away. Besides, I'll be back on Monday and cosmic fun palacial goodness shall then resume.

I am here because my youngest sister, Miss V's mom, is graduating from college. I am tremendously proud of her for sticking to it. She's had a lot of irons in the fire, what with work and school and single motherhood and so forth, and I suspect a lot of other people would have given up work on a bachelor's degree long since. She persevered. It hasn't always been easy and she's often lived hand to mouth, but she did it. Her convocation is on Friday.

Incidentally, this event will also make me the only one of my siblings who has not yet graduated from college. That's because I am a dork. Actually, the problem is that the first time around I was a dork and never went to classes and didn't bother to withdraw and wasted a lot of other people's money and so forth, and the second time around I did very well but I didn't have enough money to take a full load of classes. Going to school is possible when one obtains the rare blessed convergence of having both the time and the money; generally speaking, when I have one, I don't have the other. Maybe it's time to look into a few distance education classes again, although in the past I've found those have not ended well. (Procrastination. It's a killer.)

I had best go to bed. More later.


Scarehaircare said...

Congrats to your sis and much love to you. You can do it! I have finals next week and then blessedly only one class through the first half of summer and one class the second half. Back to work overload come fall but at least it won't clashw ith the family schedule. Let me know how long you are in UT

Soozcat said...

Thanks, Carrie. This is just a weekend trip--Miss V and I are leaving on Sunday.

Chesno Slova said...

Jenn told me we received Ms. M's graduation announcement. How wonderful for her that she finished it. Very proud of her.

tlc illustration said...

Somehow I missed your whole Utah venture.

I tried a few distance classes at one point - it is very hard to stay disciplined that way I think. Couldn't you try a community college here? Like Cascadia? At least for starters?