Friday, June 05, 2009

mutta mutta post office rassnfrassn grr.

The USPS has recently lost about $50 worth of my crafty goodness in the mail. Delivery Confirmation? It is to laugh. They didn't bother scanning the package when it was first put into the mail, so now nobody knows where it is. Response has essentially been *shrug* "Them's the breaks. Too bad you didn't spring for insurance. Where else you gonna go, sucker?"

Grr. If there were even ONE company in the U.S. that offered cheap shipping services for parcels less than a pound, I would be ON IT so fast your heads would spin. The Post Office needs a little more competition. And from now on I'm insuring my little parcels for at least $50 so that if the jolly postal workers at the USPS lose them, they end up paying me and not the other way around.

But there is one nice thing about the Postal Service: they brought me this today.
Thank you, dear Gretel! Lovely holiday greetings from far away over the sea. *sigh*

Yes, some day the Laundry Fairy will visit England. (It will probably happen just shortly before the Last Trump, but it will happen.)

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PG said...

:) Glad it got to you in one piece! You WILL make it over, one day, you will have to plan it with Tara...