Monday, July 27, 2009

Now I know what a chocolate bar feels like

T'S both hot and humid here in our little corner of the Pacific Northwest, and we have no air conditioning (though the box fans are doing their utmost). It's noon now, and it's hit 85 degrees inside, though the heat index makes it feel more like 103. Projected daily high: 92.

'Scuse me for a bit while I melt into a puddle.

I guess I'd take the car out for a while, except while I was driving it home on Saturday the Check Engine light came on. Frankly, the thing is a lemon and I'm not really willing to spend any more coin on it at this stage. (Since it looks like we're heading in that direction anyway, anybody have any suggestions for a nice reliable four-door sedan with decent gas mileage? We are NOT buying another Chevy Prizm after our misadventures with this one. Mutta mutta.)

There is good news, though, and it has nothing to do with saving money on car insurance; I've been getting a few ideas for writing topics just recently. Hoping the creative jag will continue for a while and I'll be able to produce a finished story for a change!


MarieC said...

I briefly noticed a flyer on the bulletin board at church yesterday that the mission is selling off a lot of their old fleet cars. Mostly around 50K miles, Toyota Corollas. Unfortunately, I didn't know you were shopping for one yesterday so I didn't get the info.

I think they wanted about $9K for them, though, which for a Toyota ain't bad (they were all 2005-2006-2007 model years), it's still a little high. What is your price range?

tlawwife said...

I really like my Chevy Malibu and I get 36 mpg on the highway. Unfortunately I only get about 25 in town but still I like it.

natural attrill said...

Good luck with your writing!