Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to basics

Tonight I'm doing something I haven't done in a long time. I'm turning away from the computer, pulling out one of a myriad little notebooks I have stashed around the place, and I'm writing a few ideas out in longhand.
When I first started writing, I declared I would never, ever compose by typing on a word processor. It felt soulless, and back when I was lucky to reach a top speed of 20 WPM, longhand writing was usually faster. Since that time I've been able to reach an official typing speed of ZOOM ZOOM, and I've discovered the benefits of being able to type ideas almost as fast as I can think them. Still, I've determined there's some part of my brain that works differently when I'm writing ideas down. It's especially useful for hammering out creative concepts, as opposed to setting down logical thought (or at least what passes for logical thought in my loopy laundry-faerie mind). And I need to finish a particular creative project.

So. Off to the notebook. I'll see you back here later.

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Wendy Jean said...

I find that if I take the time to write a handwritten letter I think more carefully about the content... as if it could be the single item preserved for future generations to see giving insight into who I really am. When I use electronic forms of communication I just spill it, spellinng errors and all.