Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Captain Midnight has returned from the cardiologist. As part of his stress test, he had a radioactive dye injected into his bloodstream so they could better see what his circulatory system was doing as he raised his heart rate. So now he's emitting gamma radiation, and all evening has been making gleeful reference to the idea that he might glow in the dark or obtain mutant superpowers or something similar.

Aww. I love my geeky honey.

No additional news yet, but when it comes to stress tests, no news is usually good news. When my mom had a stress test a few years ago and they discovered a major blockage, they called her back that evening to tell her they had scheduled her for an angioplasty the next day. She was literally days away from having a heart attack, and they didn't fool around with waiting. But if CM has to wait a week to see his test results, that usually indicates they have good news.

Several hours of waiting in the cardiologist's office meant I got a long way toward finishing the second sock. (Gotta do something while I'm waiting around, and I wasn't exactly itching to read Time's article on reality shows.) I'm hoping to have a finished pair of socks to photograph very soon. (Yes, I know you're all a-tremble to see an action shot of socks. Hey, it's my first pair! I have a right to be proud of my first pair! Right? Right!)

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