Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finishing up

One Pay It Forward packet away, two more to go. (If you're among the two who don't get your packets in the next few days, I crave your pardon and hope you will be patient with me. Goodies are on their way, I assure you.)

I'm also just back from the store, filling the gas tank and picking up some noshes of various sorts for the trip. While there I was reminded that a perfectly ripe nectarine produces one of the most gloriously seductive smells in the world. Scents to be cherished like the thought of heaven, as Wallace Stevens might have put it.

The season of sweet wabbitty love continues apace, it seems; the wild rabbits continue to chase each other across the front lawn in the dusk, and occasionally grow mildly alarmed by our presence. Most of the time, though, they ignore us. They have more interesting things in mind.

I'm a little nervous about driving from here to Utah. This will be the first time I've driven solo for such a long distance, plus I'll be carrying precious cargo. As always, your prayers and good thoughts would be most appreciated.

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