Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's take a look at Utah, shall we?

My sister Michele has been working hard on Mom's front yard this week.

Here are some of the fruits of her labors. Lovely yarrow, no?

Earlier today I drove her back to her apartment in Salt Lake City. Here's a characteristically sprawling wide street.

At the far end of this street is Eagle Gate, which used to be the entrance to Brigham Young's property, and beyond that the state capitol building.

The ever so fancy-pantsy Alta Club.

Not shown: the Hansen Planetarium where Captain Midnight and I had a big hot date (because I couldn't find it) and the Salt Lake Temple where we were married (because I couldn't get a very good shot).

Some of the mighty mountains of the Wasatch Front, and below them the not-so-mighty I-15.

Here's the big blue and yellow box where my brother Tim works.

While my kid brother was not entirely happy to see me at his place of business...

...he was more than happy to show off some of the fine comestibles he hawks so diligently. Barkeep, blueberry drink concentrate fer everyone!

Shazbot, that's some good chocolate.

Moving on. Back to Provo, where I present to you one of my most favorite places in the city: the library at Academy Square.

It wasn't that long ago that this entire block of buildings -- originally part of the BYU campus -- was derelict and crumbling.

You think Brigham Young would've stood for that? NO SIR. So it was all cleaned up and renovated and became the city library.

Built in 1891, still going strong.

Hey, it wouldn't be my blog if I couldn't throw in an architectural detail or two. One of the original stained glass details made it all the way through renovation.

The sun sinks low in the west...

...suffusing the craggy tops of Y Mountain (yes, that is really what it's called) with a crimson glow.

Thanks for coming along with me today. I hope you enjoyed it.


TaraLarsenChang said...

Loverly! (and I out cutting my own lavender and yellow yarrow earlier tonight. :-)

Soozcat said...

Miss V cut a big swath of green lavender yesterday. It's hung up to dry in the kitchen. Smells delectable; hope yours does too!

PG said...

Wow, what an incredible city! It reminds me a little of some of our big Victorian industrial cities up north, like Manchester. I am somewhat intimidated by the size of those roads though - now I see why our little Cotswold lanes were a bit niggly for poor Captain midnight!

Soozcat said...

The width of the roads in Salt Lake City is not at all typical of most American cities. It's said that when Brigham Young first drew up the city grid, he wanted the main thoroughfares to be wide enough that a wagon team could make a full U-turn on them without "resorting to profanity."

I don't often think of SLC as being Victorian per se, but since it was founded in 1847 its oldest buildings definitely date from that era. (Interestingly enough, the other thing Manchester has in common with Salt Lake City is that there were significant gatherings of Mormons in both places.)

Scarehaircare said...

oooohhhhh, I miss mountains! Real mountains, not the dirt hills out here the locals call mountains.

I miss IKEA. I miss Temple Square. I miss hanging out with my BFF from college. Moo-goo?

Soozcat said...

mmmm, moogoo. Although now that I know how to make it at home, restaurant moo goo gai pan just isn't the same.

MarieC said...

I went on a date once to the crumbling old building site once. It was kinda fun. But I am so glad to see it restored to its former splendor (and then some).

Soozcat said...

Me too. I only wish they could have saved some of the mature old trees on the site, but I guess you can't have everything.