Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 1993

This is the story of a bench.

Doesn't look like much, does it? Nevertheless, it's a highly significant site.

First let's back things up a little bit. OK, more than a little bit. Say, exactly 17 years.

June 26, 1993 was also a Saturday, and I had a hot date with my honey. We'd gone out to a very nice dinner, and then proceeded to drive up Provo Canyon.

That's Mount Timpanogos directly ahead. At the end of this street you make a left and head up the canyon...

...which is really quite striking. Notice the twisty bend in the rock? Geologists come from all over the world to study the rock formations up this canyon.

My honey took me to Nunns Park, a city park bordering the Provo River (it's really a creek by most standards). We walked up the path, ostensibly heading for Bridal Veil Falls (on which, more later).

There is no corner of this park where one cannot hear the soft roar of the river.

Before we actually reached the falls... honey suggested we rest for a minute, and we sat down, getting a view of the river and of the mountains above it.

It was at this spot that my honey, as he puts it, "expressed a preference." I still maintain it was a question, because I gave him the answer of "yes."

That eventually led to us going here.

(I love you, honey. Thanks so much for NOT jumping naked out of a cake!)

(If you want the whole story, more or less, click here.)

"But what about the falls?" you ask. "Don't we get to see the falls?"

Well, OK.

Bridal Veil Falls, surprisingly enough, is not owned by the state. Until recently it was owned by a family. When I was a teenager, the area was beautifully kept up, and there was an extremely steep sky tram which led from the base of the falls to the Eagle's Nest Lodge overlooking the top of the falls. The Lodge, which was a popular place for dances, burned down several years ago, and the tram was taken down as well.

Apparently the LLC which owns the property is planning on restoring the tram, though. I wouldn't mind taking a trip on the restored World's Steepest Tram again.

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