Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation, part 1

We were looking for something unusual to do for our family reunion, and Captain Midnight (with his wily technomage ways) had learned something new at work, so he tried hollering "STOP THE FLOW OF TIIIIME!"

Apparently, however, you shouldn't perform this techno-spell without the proper plug adapter. Thus it happened that we were accidentally flung into the past...

...and entered the primeval world of the dinosaurs.

There were a lot of them.

No really, there were a lot.

More than you might imagine.


CM helpfully offered his sour melon Powerade to a thirsty dino.

From the! Town of Bedrock! It's a dino out of his-to-reee!

Here Miss V, Miss E and Little C are fabulous on the dinosaur skull...

...then nearly fall off the dinosaur skull...

...and do the haute fashion pose on the tortoise.

The closest modern relatives of the dinosaurs...

...are thought to be birds.

V was astonished by this discovery.

There were a number of dinosaur relatives on the property.

Some were quite familiar with their ancestors.

Nuff said.

Dangerous creatures get thirsty too.

After we had goofed around sufficiently in the past, we returned to the present and visited a museum of bones, fossils, rocks and other funky stuff found in the earth.

A bit of stibnite, which I thought pretty strikingly resembled the Skeksis castle in The Dark Crystal.

And a bit of bismuth, which looks like an apartment complex designed by Frank Gehry.

A big swirly ammonite shell. This thing was huge, about the size of a spare tire.


Fossilized leaves...

A fossilized maple leaf, looking as though it had just fallen off a tree.

Did we have fun? Why yes, yes we did. Thanks to CM and his delightful family for providing this trip Forward Into The Past!

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