Friday, July 02, 2010

Your biggest fan

We're just chock fulla fans today, drying up after the recent flood.

Fans in the kitchen.

Fan in the bedroom.

Fan in the bathroom.

Fans in the closet, plus the only dehumidifier in use in the entire state of Utah.

Fans to heaven!

Plus a bonus fotie: a mousie who feasted on D-CON and met with the consequences. Alas, poor mousie.

*moment of windy silence for mousie*

The good news is that the cleanup guys came by later and took all the huge noisy fans away. BLESSED SILENCE! For four days I knew what it was like to be an aging rock star. I dreamed all night of flying in prop planes and living in wind tunnels. And now: heavenly peace. I am almost incoherent with glee.

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