Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aardman... and Aardgirl

Captain Midnight's office is being moved today and tomorrow, so he's been at home... and Miss V has a few more days until the school year starts in earnest, so she's been at home... so of course, they're on the sofa watching Wallace and Gromit movies together. Today's short feature: "A Matter of Loaf and Death."

Two generations brought together by a love for goofy British animation... how endearing.


Chesno Slova said...

Umm. W&G are great. I have A Matter of Loaf and Death, but still haven't watched it yet. Really need to get on that. Favorite is The Wrong Trousers.

Soozcat said...

That's my favorite, too. A Close Shave is a close second.