Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween non-pumpkins

When I went to Safeway last night to pick up a few pumpkins for jack-o-lanterning, I discovered to my dismay that there were none to be had. Either they'd secreted all the pumpkins away in the back room for fear of vandalism, or they'd actually sold out.

So... I had to improvise a little.

From left to right: butternut, kabocha and acorn squashes. And let me tell you, they are fearsome. Besides, the original jack-o-lantern was a hollowed-out turnip, so these weren't nearly as difficult.

This one was carved by Captain Midnight...

...this one by Miss V...

...and this one by me.

Happy Halloween!


Wendy Jean said...

These are beautiful and creepy at the same time! What a good idea!

Soozcat said...

Thanks! I think Captain Midnight's came out especially well.