Saturday, November 27, 2010

Your goofy hostess

See this goofy-looking chick?

You don't see her here very often, because she really dislikes being photographed -- she spent most of her childhood being followed around by a camera-wielding relative, she isn't particularly photogenic, she fears people will judge her harshly if the first thing they see is her external appearance, yatta yatta yatta. But one of the biggest reasons she would prefer to be behind a camera rather than in front of it is obvious: she's significantly overweight.

Well, take a good look at this photo, because she's going to start changing. She's already lost 25 pounds, and despite eating all manner of unhealthy crap over Thanksgiving weekend, she's going to continue to lose the fat. By this time next year, she hopes to have lost most (if not all) of the excess weight she's been carrying -- and with it the increased risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and a host of other ills that run in her family. She is certain she has the capacity to do it; she just needs to remember not to give up.

And no, she's not really sure why she's referring to herself in the third person.


MarieC said...

She's doing AWESOME!! Tell her to keep it up. :-)

Fenchurch said...

Woohoo!! Go you!