Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jogging along in me jaunting car...

REETINGS from a fast-moving car in northern Utah. A few reasons why mobile blogging is less than ideal:

• The aforementioned virtual keyboard. Even with word suggestions turned on, it's slow and cumbersome to type.
• It's far too easy to hit the back button by accident and destroy all your painstaking work. Gleah.
• It seems the spirit only moves me to blog when we're in the wide open desolate spaces of Idaho and Utah where there's little or no phone service.
• It's really hard to upload photos on this thing. We have taken a few good pix on this trip, but they'll have to wait until we're not in a moving vehicle.

Still and feels like I'm living in THE FUTURE! Whee!


angie said...

From what movie does this line come from? Jogging along in me Jaunting car"??? I have been trying to figure this out for years!!!!

Soozcat said...

It's from the Disney movie "The Gnome Mobile." The grandfather sings it about his car.