Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow day!

Here's what the snow looked like in my mother's back yard yesterday:

And here's what it looks like today:

You can't even see the stone stairs up to the next terrace. This would be an excellent day to go sledding... if I wanted to go sledding. I think I'd rather be warm inside, though.

Y Mountain, being all generally misty and moisty and cloudy in the weather. If you can't make out the big white Y on the mountain, don't feel bad; I lived here for years and had a hard time finding it today.

It's also Captain Midnight's birthday today! He is a solstice baby. His parents were sweet and wonderful and took us out to dinner tonight.

Here is where we went to dinner. The thin-crust pizza was awe-inspiring. I was also feeling quite frabjous when I discovered they had Apple Beer on tap. But what amused me even more were the signs over the soda fountain:

These may need to be viewed at a larger resolution to be fully appreciated. On the right: how to mix a "Mitt Romney." On the left, an admonition not to steal sodas, signed by the likes of Jesus and Captain Moroni. Hee. Only in Utah County.


MarieC said...

Happy birthday, Captain Midnight! Please do NOT bring home any of that snow. :-)

Soozcat said...

CM is laughing right now. He is also on his birthday chase, trying to figure out where I've hidden everything. Mwahahaha.

Wendy Jean said...

this is hilarious!

kenneth used to drag me into this game shop in Utah. A large sign on the door read, "NO drinks over 32 oz."

?!so like what?! only the extra large size big gulps could spill?

i guess they realized most of their clientel had been handing out at "the gas and sip" LOL!

Soozcat said...

Big Gulps: the scourge of humanity! Heh.

Hope you are having a delightful Christmas in the land of rain.