Monday, May 30, 2011

Bullseye? Not quite.

Sometimes I make stuff.

Scratch that. I'm constantly making stuff. The sad truth is, there are probably upward of seven projects in various stages of incompletion scattered all around my computer desk right now. There are more elsewhere in the house. It's ludicrous. My husband is threatening to mutiny if I start another project without finishing or scrapping at least two others. I have Multi-Irons Syndrome in a big way.

A little while ago I got a good idea in my pointy piratey noggin. (At least it seemed to be a good idea at the time. I blame sunspots, really.) Anyway, I saw this overflowing plastic bin full of bits and bobs of yarn and I thought to myself, "Well, self, it's about time you busted down your yarn stash to the point where it all fits in the bin again. That or it's time to go out and buy a bigger container. Nah, that's too easy... let's MAKE SOMETHING!"

And so, armed only with the random skeins of yarn I happened to have on hand and a spare crochet hook, I set to work on the Bullseye crochet afghan by the no doubt lovely and talented Brittany Tyler. The pattern is perfect for using up random bits of yarn, as it has no set color pattern for the circular motifs -- just pick your colors and go. It's also good for using up lots and lots of a neutral color yarn, and since I had two large skeins of black yarn left over from a failed previous project, this seemed like a natural. I ignored my husband's evil muttering and started in on rounds of double crocheting.

The pattern itself suggested that one could make a small throw from nine motifs, and a larger blanket from twelve. Well, tonight I finished my first nine motifs and began to spread them out on the floor, trying various placements to see what looked good. And I noticed something.

You would probably notice it too if you could see it in person. This "small throw" as it currently exists is only about 36 inches square. Yep, a yard by a yard. It wouldn't work as a picnic blanket, or a stadium blanket. It might not even be big enough to qualify as a baby blanket, even if I were to crochet a three-inch-wide edging around the perimeter. Even adding three additional motifs to the bottom would not make this blanket big enough for practical use. The word I am looking for, my friends, is Insufficient.

Fortunately, I've got lots of yarn. When I'm done with it, this blanket WILL be sufficiently sufficient to suffice. Oh my yes.

Meanwhile, I've got to figure out which two unfinished projects are going in the wood chipper.

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