Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Defending my nom de plume

Today is going to be one of those days when I justify the title of "Laundry Faerie." Most of the time I'd like to say I'm a writer, but it's not entirely true or realistic. Today I'm scheduled to be a few other things: diabetic, laundry washer and folder, mail sender, journalism editor, full-time auntie, cook, tie-dye artist, taxi service, loving wife and a probable half-dozen other titles before the day is out.

I have no room to complain about any of these titles -- especially not "loving wife" or "full-time auntie" -- because I willingly chose them. Or, in the case of the household chores, I was the only one available to do them. However, if you came here today hoping for some whimsical essay on the Fae, another episode of Unseen (I'm beginning to consider renaming it Unending) or some other amusing musings, rest assured that these things are still percolating away -- and that, assuming five free minutes here and ten minutes there, they'll eventually come to light.

In the meantime, I have a wee sliver of available time to take a shower. You can thank me later.


Claire Massey said...

Hi Soozcat,
I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my blog and to apologise for the fact that link is no longer working. When I first put the post up it led to a lovely interactive website that had a gallery full of artwork and background on different fairy tales and it seemed to be accessible from anywhere (I live in the UK). It looks like they've taken it all down though and replaced it with a link to the documentary (which I've not been able to access either). It's very disappointing so I'm just going to take the post down. Thank you for pointing it out to me and best wishes, Claire

Soozcat said...

Hi, Claire. Thanks for coming by!

I was sorry to see that the site wasn't available any more. I'm fascinated with fairy tales and their surprising depth of symbolism and meaning. Will definitely stop by your blog again.