Monday, August 15, 2011

Greetings from Llandudno!

This came in the mail on Saturday:

A postcard from Gretel! From a seaside town in Wales! The name of which I shan't even attempt to pronounce!

You can read more about her travels here (complete with a Punch & Judy show, no less). And if you're not already reading Gretel's blog, you really should -- she has an artist's eye for detail and a thoroughly captivating writing style.


Gretel said...

It arrived at last! It's pronounced Lan-dud-no (as in no bananas) but you have to say the double LL in a certain way - there are two examples of people saying it here -

Soozcat said...

Thanks, Gretel, both for the postcard and the link. (Though even with the examples, I'm still tripping over my own tongue. Oh well.)

janet said...

I love Gretel...easily one of my favorite bloggers and artists and all around lovely lady.

Janet xox

Soozcat said...

Agreed, Janet. She is well appreciated in this household.