Sunday, August 21, 2011

The lost weekend, part 1

And by "lost" I mean "filled with geocaching geekery."

First up: the Geocaching Block Party in Seattle.


CM and I carpooled with Fen, Mitch and Mike, and once we got there we picked up another participant, Basal. We wandered freely through the Fremont neighborhood, accomplishing various challenges and picking up all sorts of goodies in the process. These included shelling cacao beans at Theo Chocolate, filling bottles at Mischief Distillery, deciphering signal flags strung between some local houseboats, completing a scooter challenge (hey, I only fell off near the finish line!) and looking for Fremont trivia at History House.

Oh, and for those scoffers who say "Pix or it didn't happen!":

Behold The Proof! Neener.

We took in the many sights of Fremont...
...the Highway 99 bridge...

...the troll under said bridge...

...and the three Billy Goats Gruff going to meet him.

There was also the Fremont Rocket Ship...

...the tribute to the J.P. Patches children's TV show...

...and the Center of the Universe signpost.

(Not shown: the huge statue of Lenin, who spent most of the day having his finger pulled by goofy geocachers.)

Even the sewer covers are pretty in Fremont. It's just that kind of place.

We met geocachers from all over the world (at least one couple had come all the way from Australia) and picked up some geo-goodies. Captain Midnight even succumbed to the siren call and turned our car into a trackable item.

And just for kicks, we had our picture taken with Groundspeak's mascot, Signal the Frog (who was being a real trouper on one of Seattle's rare hot days; I hope Signal went immediately to Dunk the Frog tank duty after this photo was taken).

Next up: Captain Midnight and I go ape.


TaraLarsenChang said...

look at you - looking all skinny here!

Soozcat said...

Aww. You are nice. I still have a whole lot more weight to lose.