Friday, November 25, 2011

Slack Friday

Some people go out and shop on Black Friday. Us? We had Slack Friday.

It involved lots of goofing off...

...visiting the Center of the Universe (shown in background)...

...and pulling Lenin's finger.

It also involved a fair amount of geocaching on Mercer Island with Fen and Mitch. But did I take their pictures? No!

I was too busy geeking out over architectural details. (Sorry guys.)

Hello, Seattle! What a great view.

And hello, mainland. So close and yet so far. You could easily swim the distance (if it weren't freakishly cold today).

On the island we saw a kinetic sculpture called "Flock."

Each individual bird sculpture turns with the wind.

Captain Midnight left his calling card.

So, how did you spend your Friday?


Gretel said...

Hey, what a great photo of YOU! :) We don't have this Black Friday thing over here, I think we have some kind of cyber day when everyone is supposed to shop online like mad things, but it's not our thing. I'd far rather look at fantastic views of Seattle and kinetic birds.

Soozcat said...

As would we, so that worked out pretty well!

Yes, Black Friday... the day after Thanksgiving, when American retailers more or less unleash themselves in relentless paroxysms of holiday advertising. People have been known to go insane on Black Friday; there are occasional reports of riots, mobs trampling people and hand-to-hand combat over deals. Not my particular flavor of insanity, thanks.

As far as the photo, um, well... I think I've mentioned I don't take good pictures, but you're very kind.