Sunday, February 26, 2012

The further adventures of Simeon von Pumpernickel

As you probably know, Simeon von Pumpernickel decided to break into showbiz by mailing himself to my sister, who was on a film set at the time.

This did not work according to plan.

However, since my sister recently finished what she'd been doing, she generously offered Simeon a chance to accompany her back to New York City. I'm sure Simeon was excitedly imagining the stuff of champagne wishes and caviar dreams, or at least a first-class seat to JFK or LaGuardia.

He was slightly disappointed to have to fly coach.

However, he is a resilient fellow and has bounced back admirably.

I just hope he doesn't get it into his head to try breaking onto Broadway by mailing himself to the Nederlander or anything.

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