Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An American monkey in London

To be perfectly honest, I am a touch jealous of Simeon von Pumpernickel. Can you blame me, really? Our blue monkey friend is living the dream.

Yesterday the paparazzi photographed him dining...

...after which he had a much-deserved rest to get over his jet lag.

Today he met a whole slew of famous actresses from the West End (one of whom appears to be getting frisky with our simian star! Oh my!).

He met and mingled with some London monkeys (who also appear to be getting frisky).

And he attended a classic film festival, particularly enjoying the Princess Retrospective track.

Apparently it looked good enough to eat.

Energized by his experiences in London, Simeon fully expects to take the world by storm! (Oh, to be young again and have such boundless stamina!)

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