Saturday, March 10, 2012

Street legal!

Something of import occurred today.

Well, I'm sure LOTS of things of import occurred today, but here's what happened to us:

We officially have a new driver in our family.

She is 15, so she has an instruction permit, and there are several restrictions on when and with whom she can legally drive until she is allowed to apply for a full license. But she can drive me to the store, and she can drive (with a licensed adult) to seminary, school and church... and most importantly she can drive to the fabric store. FEAR AND TREMBLE, FABRIC STORE!


MarieC said...

When riding shotgun with Eldon during his learner's permit time period, I found that it was I who did the FEARING and TREMBLING. Ugh. The memory is too fresh! Jason is old enough for his permit, and is signed up for Swerve starting June 25, but I am so NOT READY to ride shotgun with him!!

Soozcat said...

V is a very good driver. We've had a few yikes moments, but I think every new driver goes through that. I'm very comfortable riding in the passenger seat with her. (I know we're lucky that way.)