Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simeon the lonely heart

Then it happened.

On Easter Simeon went into the bathroom to get snuggly with Terry, and she was just -- gone. No farewell, no note of explanation. Nothing. In her accustomed place was a white rabbit.

Simeon was so despondent he didn't emerge from the stateroom for several days. He even missed seeing the splendors of Egypt.

Instead, Paddington Bear went to Cairo.

He saw the pyramids, too.

Simeon's host family had to enjoy the Nile without him...

...visit the Sphinx without him...

...even see the ruins of Karnak without him.

Simeon is heartbroken, thinking with sad nostalgia about his star-crossed trip on the Love Boat. Poor monkey.


Timmott said...

Poor Simeon... What's a crotcheted monkey to do? DON'T let him go back to Charles larence... He'll suggest drowning his sorrows in some sort of alcoholic binge.
Ah, alcohol. The source of, and solution to, ALL our problems.

Soozcat said...

Simeon is a force unto himself. I don't have any idea where he'll go next.