Monday, April 23, 2012

Simeon von Pumpernickel, partygoer

Simeon has been moody, perhaps understandably, since returning from the ill-fated cruise.  However, on Saturday his spirits were lifted a bit as he was invited to a party.

All the Hello Kitty family were in attendance, and the whole house was bustling around in preparation for the big party.  Simeon felt just a wee bit left out because it was a Hello Kitty party, not a Simeon party -- but hey, a party is a party, right?  Besides, he had a fabulous crown to wear for the occasion.  Not too shabby.

Slowly things started coming together for the big day.  Emilie is turning five, and this girl KNOWS her Hello Kitty.

 Seriously.  Simeon was astounded.

Sandrine baked not one but TWO cakes, one of them a Hello Kitty cake.  Sadly, neither one was a Simeon cake (or better yet, Simeon's favorite dessert: Bananas Foster), but they were both pretty styling, don't you think?

All the guests seemed to agree.  Even Simeon, who proceeded to drown his sorrows in rolled fondant.

(Happy birthday, Emilie!)

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