Saturday, April 14, 2012

South Park Simeon

No, not that South Park.

This one, in London! Simeon had a marvelous time riding bikes with Emilie.

He also enjoyed the swings, although near the end he began to have a touch of motion sickness.

He was very excited to find that the park had a playhouse and immediately began to brush up his Richard III, but it turned out not to be that kind of playhouse.

To make up for this, he loudly declaimed the "Now is the winter of our discontent" speech while going down the slide with Julie. Passersby were delighted by his rendition, especially the way he said "Made glorious summer by this son of Yooooooooo-ha-ha-hoooieeee!" as he slid down.

And what trip to the park would be complete without hanging from the monkey bars? Made doubly authentic by an actual monkey!

But nothing will prepare you for what happened to Simeon a few days later...

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