Thursday, July 05, 2012


Wildfires have been burning out of control in Utah and across the Intermountain West for weeks now.  Thousands of acres have burned.  The sky is routinely blighted with reddish, hazy clouds, and puffs of ash swirl everywhere with the breeze.  Every day seems to bring news of another fire. Walking outside, you begin to feel like you're breathing in the smoking section of a 1970s restaurant.  The fields and mountain slopes have been tinder-dry, and there are local burn bans and firework bans in every town.

People have been steadily praying for rain to help contain or put out the fires, but earlier this week there was no hope of rain.  Even as recently as early this morning, the chances of rain were slim.

Here's what the city of Provo looks like from my mom's front porch, right now:

It's been steadily raining for hours. This kind of long, heavy, steady rain is highly atypical for Utah -- usually there are a few flash-flood style thunderstorms in the summer, but little other precipitation.

Think what you like about this rain.  I choose to chalk it up to the efficacy of prayer.


Gretel said...

Oh thank goodness, the fires have been on UK TV every night, it is totally horrific, so hooray for rainstorms,and may there be more!

MarieC said...

Fantastic!! I'm so glad "our" regular rain is being put to good use where it is needed. Please feel free to keep that weather pattern as long as you'd like! I'm in no hurry for it to return to the PNW.

Paula Bowles said...

So glad they're getting rain! Much needed.

Soozcat - I'm coming up to Seattle for a swing dance exchange between 10th - 12th August, but am thinking of coming earlier and/or staying later, if you would like to meet up? I don't think I have your email, mine is on my website, drop me a line and maybe we can arrange to meet up? :)