Monday, July 23, 2012

Simeon in Tel Aviv

Good news, sports fans!  We've heard from Simeon von Pumpernickel, peripatetic seeker of fame and fortune, once again.  This time it seems Simeon has successfully mailed himself to Tel Aviv, Israel.

With his winning personality, he immediately made friends with the locals.  His new friends don't even seem to mind that he has monkey pattern baldness, which suits Simeon just fine.

Simeon's eager to visit the beach, but this is the time of year in Tel Aviv when the jellyfish are out in force.  So for the nonce he's content to stroll around the city with his host family...

...and sunbathe on the balcony.  It's pleasant out there, and besides, sometimes an up-and-coming star has to work on his blue.

Simeon also occasionally likes to slide on his Jackie O'Nasties and hang out in a local café in Basel Square.  Here he is waiting for his café barad.  Many passersby have stopped to catch a glimpse of the mysterious monkey with the Hollywood good looks.  So far no one has asked him for his autograph, though.

What will Simeon get up to next?  Heaven only knows.

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