Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hollers away!

Well, we've launched a whole slew of Holiday Hollers, and based on the cries of pain from friends and family, most of them have hit their marks. If you haven't received your Holler yet, and if for some reason you want to be added to the Mailing List of the Damned, be sure to drop me a note to that effect before Tuesday the 18th and I'll send one your way.

The Holiday Holler started out fairly simply, with no particular name -- just a short single sheet, no columns or anything else fancy. Somewhere along the way I stole the phrase "Holiday Holler" from a friend's end-of-year sheet and began to write tall-tale versions of our adventures in the past year. There's a limit to how interesting I can make our actual lives without starting to embellish the truth, so off to Fictionville I go! (It's not like I need a whole lotta nudging to go there anyway.)

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