Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun and games with 1000 Blank White Cards

If you've read about our ongoing adventures with the Nerd Brigade, you may have discerned that we like games around here, and you'd be right.  One of our favorites for some time has been 1000 Blank White Cards (it's like Calvinball: The Card Game... or the DIY forerunner of Fluxx).  The basic rules: start with some blank white cards.  Everybody draws up some playing cards -- each one usually has a title, a picture (though this isn't strictly necessary, it is part of the fun), and instructions about what happens when the card is played.  Gameplay is simple: draw a card, play a card.  See who can get the most points (or, depending on how the game goes, the least points, or maybe some completely different objective, depending on how the cards are made and played).

Part of the fun for me is seeing all the looniness people come up with for their cards.  Some of them give points or take them away, some require you to perform some forfeit, some arbitrarily change the game rules, some force you to get rid of cards, and some are purely silly (such as The Ace of Nitwits, which has no instructions of any kind, or And Now For The Halftime Show!, which requires all players to run around the table clucking like chickens).

I took a look at our current deck tonight and found a few that make me grin.

This one was made by my sister Julie, so of course it features Bert and Ernie.

Miss V made this one quite a few years ago.  Rockin' that white leisure suit.

And I made this one.  (He's supposed to have gleaming teeth as befits a career politician, but it didn't turn out quite right.)

Do you have a favorite card game or other game to play with family or friends?  Do tell!


Ruthie Redden said...

What a fab ides, we may have to pinch this one!! One of our fave games as a family and since the children were growing up has been "squiggles", where each person draws a scribble on a piece of paper and passes it to the next person who then has add to it to turn it into something. Great fun, even if you can't really draw, it really gets the imagination going and is always a fave with the little ones ( and me lol) .

Soozcat said...

Please do "pinch" this one -- we borrowed it in turn from someone else we found online, and it's a lot of fun coming up with silly card ideas.