Thursday, May 30, 2013

An odd thought

I've been thinking recently about the Law of Attraction. (It goes by a number of different names, including The Secret, affirmations, luck, etc.) I don't agree wholeheartedly with every aspect of the concept, most particularly the idea that every bad thing in your life exists because you thought it into place -- that's just blaming the victim, and I find that appalling. But there does seem to be something to the idea that if you focus daily and consistently on a particular goal, you will increase your chances of making it happen. I've discussed it before here, with the supposition that it works because it puts your brain into a state of looking around for possibilities, and you're more likely to notice and go after opportunities when they appear because of this heightened mental state.

Today I thought of something else, perhaps a bit more off the wall and definitely colored by religious belief. If we are, as I believe, children of a Creator who can organize the universe by the power of His word, should we be all that surprised if we display the tiniest seed of that same ability in ourselves? We have an inherent desire to create, to shape beauty and meaning from what we find; we seek out and create order in chaos; and, I suspect, we can to a very limited extent bend the universe to our wills -- because of who our Father is. So maybe part of the reason why the Law of Attraction works has to do with who and what we are.

This thought should NOT give anybody a power trip. For one thing, we're all unimaginably puny compared to God, so this inherited quality -- if indeed it is one -- is too insignificant in us to do much damage. But if we have in us the tiniest spark of the same power that allowed God to say "Let there be light" and bring it into being, that should give us pause. I suspect that the power to create and the power to destroy are one -- it's all about how you choose to use the tool. So if indeed we have a modicum of power to speak a word and change the world, we should try to be wise and consider very carefully how to use that power for good.

Ah, the stuff you think about at 1:15 in the morning.

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Douglas Cootey said...

I've struggled with this as well. I've even read Wallace Wattles' original work (what the Secret was based on). It's convincing in some ways, and comes close to the mark, but ends up being poppycock. However, it's the close aspects that interest me. I don't believe the Universe is just awaiting my earnest thoughts to gift me with an iPad mini. I don't believe we become wealthy or successful simply by thinking about it. Yet there is something to shaping our world with our thoughts.

The trick is perception. Years ago I noticed other people breeze through life receiving opportunity after opportunity while I seemed to get nothing but rakes in the face. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't that the other people never encountered rakes. It's just that they seemed to be more nimble at avoiding them. While I was gloomy and negative, I moved slowly and darkened my own pathways with my lack of faith. Nobody wanted to talk to me, and who could blame them? The positive people were cheerful and smiley. Everybody wanted to talk to them. That's why they got the opportunities. But how to be more like that?

When we are negative, we tune into only negative things. We tend to ignore or excuse away the positive as an aberration. Meanwhile, the positive people tune into only positive things and tend to ignore or excuse away the negative events as aberrations. Their outlook puts them into the path of opportunity while the negative people miss opportunity because they don't recognize it. After all, opportunity is just another chance at failure.

If we want to put our minds to work for us instead of against us, we need to change our perceptions. If we are negative, we perceive things in a negative light, and that affects our experience. Contrariwise, positive thinking helps us perceive things in a positive light. It brightens our experience. Even if bad things happen to us, the positive thinker is more nimble and less devastated. They recover faster and think of solutions easier. That's been my experience, as well as others I've talked to about this.

Our seeds of godhood are within our minds. Anyways, that's what I think of at 2:47am.