Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another van Gogh list addendum (about time, too!)

Since I just discussed it recently, I'd rather not focus on this overmuch today.

So instead, it's time for a long-overdue addition to the van Gogh list!

Marie Cummings
(photo credit: Marie Cummings)
Marie became a good friend almost immediately after Captain Midnight and I first moved to Washington. She and her husband Rob have remained our friends through frequent moves, a joint attempt at a business venture that unfortunately turned toxic near the end, all sorts of personal and family ups and downs, and subjection to many, many Holiday Hollers. She's been gracious in her willingness to wear-test new Cosmic Fun Palace designs, and a tenaciously loyal reader of this and the Remedial Adulthood blogs. Marie is strong, compassionate, thoughtful, kind, has a great eye for interior design and a fun sense of humor. Plus she's raised two spectacular boys, was part of an award-winning ballroom dance team and knows how to play the piccolo -- not too shabby! A native of sunny Nevada, she somehow makes it through the gray, drizzly autumns, winters and springs of the Pacific Northwet with her sanity mostly intact (though rumors come to us that she may soon be moving to sunnier climes).

(Sorry I didn't ask permission to use your picture, Marie. I wanted it to be a surprise!)

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MarieC said...

Oh my goodness, I am humbled and utterly honored to be on your van Gogh list!! What a fun surprise this morning. See you on Saturday. :-)