Saturday, March 29, 2014


Well, the Nerd Brigade Mark 2 is here again, attempting to Virtually Beat Stuff Up. It's interesting listening to them -- week by week, they're starting to mature. Already the noise level, which was wholly out of control a few months ago, is down to a tolerable level (Miss V has not yet fled the house at their approach, though I think she's still going out shopping tout de suite), they're working with each other, rather than at cross purposes, and actually listening to Captain Midnight when he makes suggestions.

Me, I think I'll go out with V today. And then pay a visit to the Seelie Court Laundromat again (bleah). At least I've got a good book to keep me company while the whites and colors oscillate.

So far this has been fascinating reading, but then Neil Gaiman rarely disappoints me. It's probably about time to review a few more books from the Teetering Pile... but I've got a backlog of stuff to write at the moment, so it'll have to wait for bits and pieces of time I shamelessly steal from other projects.

In unrelated news, a human interest piece about the fictional hamlet of Agloe, NY merged in my head with a completely different piece extolling the virtues of the best food trucks in the USA... now I'm pondering the possibility of a food truck selling "authentic" ethnic food from a country that doesn't, strictly speaking, exist. Captain Midnight suggested offering authentic Freedonian food, with a menu featuring duck soup, swordfish and a dessert trifle made with animal crackers. (If we did this, we'd require everyone working on the truck to wear Groucho glasses.)

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