Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I need to take a class called Remedial Friendship Skills...

...because once again I'm reminded that I'm crap at making friends.

Don't misunderstand me -- I do have some friends. Once I manage to stumble into a friendship, it usually lasts for decades. In my life I've been remarkably fortunate to cross paths with a number of amazing people who a) actually do know how to make friends and b) made the effort to befriend me, for reasons that just now elude me. But just about every time I deliberately set out to make a friend... yeah, I'm almost certain to screw it up. I guess I never really mastered that skill set. Either I get nervous and clam up, or I get nervous and babble, and I have an unfortunate knack for doing exactly the wrong thing at the worst possible time.

Meh. MEH. *mutta*

OK, rant over.

August is going to be the month where I GET. STUFF. DONE. I've got way too many half-finished and abandoned projects, both written and crafted, hanging around this place, and I'm sick of it. Time to fish or cut bait; either I complete them or broom them from my life. So saith the Sooz!


MarieC said...

I sure hope Unseen doesn't get cut from your to-do list!

(Sorry we missed Soup Night. Moving is in high gear!!)

Timothy said...

I need to take that class, too.

teri said...

Me Too. :/

Soozcat said...

Let's find someone who can teach this class for us, by gum!