Saturday, July 12, 2014

To market, to market, to buy a fat... um... cheese?

Redmond Saturday Market day! I am off to wander around and look at crafts and buy Samish Bay cheese and whatnot.

It's a rare sunny day in the PNW.

In fact, it's almost infernally hot. Ugh.

Fruits, veggies, nuts, crafts, kettle corn...

...but more to our purposes: cheese! These are the fine folks of the Samish Bay Cheese company, diligently hawking all sorts of yummy handmade cheeses. I'm here for some queso fresco, please.

Frankly, it was too hot to linger today, so I picked up some cheese and fruit and veggies and a half-flat of raspberries, and promptly beat feet.

But from an earlier (and colder) Saturday market, some flowers for sale.

The flower sellers usually set up shop right at the entrance to the Market, so they're the first things you see when you enter and the last things you see when you leave. It's right purty. And it usually smells good as a bonus.

Now home hanging out next to the marvel of modern technology known as the air conditioner. The raspberries, plus some fresh whipped cream, are going into a homemade raspberry fool. Mm-hmm!

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