Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life is change. Some of it is good.

o, if you didn't get the memo, Captain Midnight and Cap'n Bill's Wide World o' Nerds parted ways last Thursday. This means he is now a gentleman of leisure, at least temporarily. However, since we can't afford this lifestyle on a permanent basis, we'd be most grateful if you would point any job leads our way. (CM is an experienced SDET and wise in the ways of Computer-Fu. And he's boyishly cute, too!) We also gratefully accept any prayers and general good thoughts made on our behalf.

I'm just hoping we won't have to move.

ETA: SDET = Software Development Engineer in Test, just so's ya knows.

ETA2: Hey, guess what?


MarieC said...

Prayers and good thoughts are on auto-repeat! I know why you don't want to relocate--we didn't, either--but don't rule out Health Catalyst should it come to that!

Soozcat said...

We aren't completely ruling out moving, should it come to that -- but this is V's senior year, and we're loath to uproot her from home, friends and church in her last year of public school.