Saturday, November 29, 2014

Roxy, Nerd Brigade. Nerd Brigade, Roxy.

Fifth Saturday of the month, so the Nerd Brigade is here again. I decided it was time to socialize Roxy a little and gently picked her up to take her out to meet them. As expected, she was nervous, but she didn't actually lose it until I took her back into the bedroom; then she struggled away from me and promptly shot into her hidey-hole under the bed. I'm sure if I look under there right now I will get a baleful eyeshine-filled glare. Such is life with a skittish kitty.

Also, we got snow this morning! Yay! (It's disappearing as we speak, but still... SNOW!)

It's about time to write another Holiday Holler. I need a quiet place to a) think about what actually happened this year, b) find a way to make it humorous or fictional and c) keep it all to one page. Ngh. Wish me luck.

ETA: here's how Roxy is handling the stress today.

Yes, that's our bed. No, I didn't make it today because I'm a bum. Yes, her tail is the only thing showing. She is a silly beast.

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