Friday, November 27, 2015

Electronic Hollering

The time of year has come -- as it always does (except when it doesn't) -- for the Holiday Holler.

If you want an electronic copy of this silly annual missive, rather than having it come by snailmail, please do let me know. I can send PDFs to those of you who haven't had enough punishment yet by getting on my Mailing List of Doom.

(And no, you didn't get off the mailing list last year. I didn't actually send out a 2014 Holler. What can I say... I wasn't at peak performance, what with illness and job loss and such. This year should be better.)

ETA (3 December 2015): Aaagh. Decided that I won't update again here until I finish writing the Holler. I have completed the first draft, which is to say I've got the bone structure in place. But it's all dry, factual, BORING stuff now. No one wants to read this! I have to do another pass to flesh it out with stupid and/or funny, with a few forays into pure fiction.


Rachel said...

Yes please!

Symplin said...

Yay, would love to receive it in my digital mailbox! Looking forward to it.

Chrys Houghton (Another Satisfied Customer) said...

ahh!!! not the holler! ANYTHING but the holler! ;)

Soozcat said...