Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Woke to smoochas from my honey (always appreciated) and the Feed Me Dance from Roxy-cat (less so, but Captain Midnight took care of it). Shrugged into my caftan and drove CM to the bus stop. Wonderful fog this morning; the end of my street was a complete mystery, and the trees planted in the median strip only revealed themselves slowly and in misty layers as we drove.

Having returned to the house, I'm pondering the specifics of today -- what I might do with the first few hours of my 46th year. Thinking that getting horizontal for a few more hours sounds like a good plan. Will update later. zzzzzz

All right, enough of that, UP AND AT 'EM, ATOM ANT! Dressed for the day, fed Roxy again, had a nice long chat with my mom, did some visiting teaching, came back to the house to find a grumpy cat who made it clear she was displeased by my leaving her to her own devices, even for an hour. Also, a mysteeeeeeeerious bag was hanging from the front door; it held a container of mini-roses. Thank you, Sarah! They are lovely! Then had a late lunch -- mostly a nosh; CM and I are going out for Korean barbecue tonight. (You think I'm cooking on my birthday? HA! Not likely! But I think I will clean the kitchen.)

Partially cleaned the kitchen. Was interrupted by the advent of our delightful mail lady, who said, "Happy birthday!" as I opened the door. Just as I was wondering... wait, how did she know? she added, "It was on the box!" The box in question turned out to be a giftie from my in-laws, a wax warmer which is even now perfuming our kitchen and front room with apple-cinnamon goodness. (Thank you, Mom & Dad!) The mail also brought a spiffy new T-shirt, which I put on immediately. Finished loading the dishwasher, sat down to write a letter, and then CM came home (yay!). He needed some quality time to scheme and plot out my birthday chase, so I ran errands for about an hour and returned to receive well-wishing phone calls from several family members. CM had hidden the clues during my errand-running, so I am currently following them around the house.

Finished the chase! At the end was a green quad-ruled Moleskine which will become my new bullet journal in January (huzzah for CM! and more huzzah for plans to Git Stuff Done!). After that we swept off in the car to cook and eat ludicrous amounts of Korean barbecue. Now returned, happily full of kimchi and banchan and meat (oh my!) and probably redolent with the scent of barbecued goodness. Roxy is meowing her displeasure at us because we didn't bring her any.


Candice said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady! I love your writing and your blog.

Soozcat said...

Thank you, Candice! Welcome to the blog!

Chrys Houghton said...

BARFDAY ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shantell said...

Happy late birthday!

Soozcat said...

Thanks guys! (Though I'm thinking I wouldn't have had near as much fun celebrating a "barfday." Sounds messy. :P )