Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Nightmare time

Last night, I had a terrible dream.

It was Inauguration Day, 2017, and Donald J. Trump had stepped to the podium to give his first address as President. But instead of opening his mouth, he appraised the crowd, gave them a cryptic smile, raised his hand slowly, put it on the top of his head, and suddenly snatched away his "real hair" to reveal:

Lex Luthor image ©Glenn Orbik/DC Entertainment.
Used without express permission (though I believe Fair Use applies)

Audience: *gasp* LEX LUTHOR?!?
Random man in audience: I can't believe it! How could the American people have been fooled into electing a comic book character?
Lex: What, the stupid speeches and inane Tweets and middle initial "J" weren't already a dead giveaway? Honestly, you people are so dumb you deserve to be ruled by an evil overlord! Now, prepare to SUFFER as you've NEVER suffered before! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA--

I awakened in a flop sweat, the evil cackling of President Luthor echoing into the waking world.

Come on, Republican Party bigwigs, it's not too late to avoid this dystopia. You can always nominate Someone Else at the convention in July. If she's reasonably intelligent and capable and has even an ounce of charisma, she can beat Hillary. Or you could sell out whatever principles you have left and become the Whig Party of the 21st century. Good luck with that.


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