Saturday, June 25, 2016

Playing tourist with Jenny

week my sister Jenny was here visiting from Utah, and as always, any incident of visiting family is a good excuse to play tourist in one's own city. We went to Chihuly Garden and Glass, we went to Dick's in Wallingford for a burger and fries, we went to Snoqualmie Falls, we went to some local stores and Pike Place Market, and we strolled up and down the Seattle waterfront doing typical touristy stuff. I also finally got to ride the Great Wheel (took me long enough, ne?). But you won't see pictures of any of these exploits, primarily because I just wanted to spend the time with Jenny -- there wasn't a need (or much of a desire on my part) to obsessively document what we were doing.

In fact, it got a little funny on the Great Wheel. The first spin around, I just took in all the sights I could see from every direction, both soaring up into the air and gently descending. Then I had a closer look at the people below, staring up at the structure. And then I began to notice my fellow passengers; nearly every one was busy taking pictures or video of the experience on their cell phones.

Eh well. It was a delightful experience, and I'll probably go back and give it another whirl.

Alas, Jenny has now returned home. We miss her, but it was a lot of fun having her here.

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