Thursday, October 13, 2016

This place blows!

CCORDING to local meteorologists, we're supposed to experience some kind of Stormageddon over the next few days -- lots of rain, lots of wind, the potential for flooding, and presumably lots of power outages. But we're all stocked up on basics, we've got kerosene lamps and an emergency burner for lighting and cooking, we've run several loads of laundry and powered up all our devices, and I picked up some extra ice to keep our frozen stuff from turning into a pile of goo, just in case.

I don't think this storm is going to be as bad as the weather folks think it is, but it's wise to exercise caution and be prepared. Just letting folks know here on the off chance they try to call us and our home phone doesn't pick up -- we're probably doing peachy keen, sitting around eating spicy Indian munchies and listening to the crank-powered radio -- but if you have any concerns about us, you could give Captain Midnight's cell a call.

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