Thursday, December 08, 2016

Let's make stuff! Quickly!

So I've been running into some difficulties with Homemade Christmas 2016. I should place most of the blame where it's due -- on my own head, for failing to stagger the process throughout the year as I'd planned -- but it's also been difficult because with a few notable exceptions (thank you, Notable Exceptions!), I received very few responses to the "what would you like for Homemade Christmas?" emails I sent out a couple of times this year. Now we're down to the wire and I'm trying to come up with quick-to-make gifts that would be well received.

Some items I'm making, or considering making, include:
  • homemade caramels
  • apple molasses
  • fruit leather
  • earrings
  • melt-and-pour soap
  • foaming hand soap
  • steak rub for Manly Men Who Grill In Manly Fashion
  • spice mixes for Mighty Cooks Who Make Nommy Good Food
  • potholders (Mom's suggestion -- not sure how well they'd be received, tho)
  • big ol' batch of Aunt Anna's almond cookies
  • placeholders for homemade socks or mittens, to be delivered later (yeah, I know, I suck. I didn't get people's measurements right away and I'm not a fast knitter)
Any other ideas? I could use some!

Knit, girl! Knit like the wind!

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